Take me in your arms

By Danielle Livadi - 5/06/2012 09:17:00 PM

Hello girls! Happy Sunday! Yesterday Culture Shock opened its doors so today i want to show you the news by .evolve. that you can find. Hope you like my post ^^ kisses to all.

Pose      .evolve.    love song  -  pose with prop  - at Culture Shock 2012
Top    .evolve.     pixxie  -  bubblegum - at Culture Shock 2012
Hair     Tameless  -  Sophia - cocoa - one part in mesh - free NoStringAttHunt (searching for a doll among the rocks)
Shorts     .::[F]uchOn::.    mesh Spirit Shorts - black - New
Necklace     MG  - Rosary Necklace

Pose     .evolve.    dizzy  -  at Culture Shock 2012
Shorts     [Chloe]  -  Short Lili White 
Top     .evolve.    pixxie  -  grape  - at Culture Shock 2012

Pose      .evolve.     in your eyes  -  at Culture Shock 2012

Thanks to all designers <3

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