I' ll be waiting

By Danielle Livadi - 5/15/2012 02:50:00 PM

Some items for the Keep Calm and Keep Shopping event. So nice!!

Skin    [Acide!]     Marie   -  tan  -  for KC&KS event
Hair     Exile    Caprice  -  fall
Dress     Urbana     Yulia   - royal  -  in several colors  for KC&KS event
Nails     Mandala     Milky Way  -  polly white
Necklace     Je suis    L'amour   -  for KC&KS event
Necklace     MG    Pearls   -  white
Wedges      Pixel Mode     subscribe gift
Poses and prop      *HopScotch*     Waiting   -   for KC&KS event

Thanks to all designers!

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