Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fuck You!

GoodMorning!! Today some news soo pretty! First of all i want to say that this is a fuck post! Lool ... I joke; the title refers to the new release by :: Focus Poses ::, the Fuck You set. It comes with nine poses and with three different sculpted hands for the different poses: normal hands, fist hands and fuck hands. There is also an hud to change the nail's polish color. I' m wearing an overall by X0 Design, wich is a new release, while the bracelets are the new subscribe gift by Scrub. Enjoy the post!

Skin        ::EM::           Melissa  -  Mid Natural  -  @Summer Fashion Festival

Shape       self made

Hair        Elikatira       Soft  -   brown

Overall         X0 Design          CrayX0 Love mesh   -   New

Bracelets           ...:::SCRUB:::...       Paz    -   subscribe gift

Pose and sculpted hands        ::  Focus Poses  ::        Fuck You set  -  New

Friday, June 29, 2012


Skin          *Step inSide*          Livia  -  normal cl -  @Designer Circle

Shape    self made

Hair       Elikatira          Soft   -  brown

Outfit            Graffitiwear          Blue Plaid Summer  -  @Designer Circle

Bow           Kennedy' s         Hair Bow  -  with hud color changing  -  @Designer Circle

Poses with prop       ::  Focus Poses  ::        Carnival Pack

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hello lovelies! How are you? I' m here with some news so cool and a pretty gift! I' m wearing the new leggins by Useful Things, that are available in several colors and are in mesh. Then, i combined with it one of the new shirts by :Forever Young:. So stylish! Love them! The hair are a item of GSP by Yassine Hair; they comes also with the tattoo hairbase. The lipstick is an add on the skin, it is a new make up by Eyelure sold at Designer Circle. The jewelery i' m dressing are all new release! The bracelets are so lovely and they are a new release by FZaPP; the earrings are sold at The Fashion Cache and are a Persefona' s item.

Skin      cStar Limited        PinkHunt skin    -   caramel

Shape     self made

Eyes       [dirty.little.secrets]

Hair        Yassine Hair           Plum   -   unisex hair   -   GSP

Lipstick        Eyelure       Petal Soft Lips   -  @ Designer Circle

Shirt       :Forever Young:            Baggy Sweat Shirt   -   New

Leggins          Useful Things          Hot Leggins   -   black   -   New

Bag           BagLady Design        Rebel     -    subscribe gift

Bracelets          FZaPP            Egito     -    silver   -   New

Earrings         Persefona         Be Cool!   -   black   -   @ The Fashion Cache

Shoes            Armony        Rig72 Extreme Heels   -  silver  -  New

Poses           ::  Focus Poses  ::            Model 77   -   New

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

See my ring!

Hellooo girls! I' m sure that you know the amazing weekly event called Designer Circle. All items, designer fashion and accessories are offer for discounted prices between 50 and 100 L$. The collection is available from 25th June till 7th July. Today i create this romantic look with a dress by  .::Mu-Shi Doll::. and a set of jewelry, earring included not showed here, by Beauty Code. The lipstick, i used on the Pink Acid' s skin Annette,is a new release by Pink Acid too; it gives a particular doll look and it comes in several tones. Also the hair are a new release by Tameless, love them! So pretty!

Skin       Pink Acid        Annette   -   caramel

Shape       cStar Limited         Miss Taurus 2012

Hair         Tameless        Cherry   -  blonde  -  New

Lipstick         Pink Acid           Doll Lips   -  in 9 colors  -  New

Dress        .::Mu-Shi Doll::.          Glitter Line Dress   -   black   -  @ Designer Circle

Jewelry          .::BeautyCode::.           Emerald Cut  -  lavander amethyst  -  @ Designer Circle

Pose        ::  Focus Poses  ::       Jewelry Set 4

kisses, Dani.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Skin       ::Modish::        Lamia Passion  -  pale clev  -  New

Shape   self made

Hair        TRUTH           Lana

Overall          Tentacio         Go to beach    -   pink   -    PW

Bag         BagLady Design          Sumbeach Tote   -   new subscribe gift

Hairband          *Eyelure*           Pink Marble Swirl   -   New

Poses          label motion       

Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello my dear readers... Today i' m here with some news, first of all i wanna say that i have so much fun doing this post! Well, the skin i had on is a new release by [Hush], it is called Hanna, it is available in several skin tones. In the photos i had on the vanilla tone, but you try always a demo at the mainstore. Then, the outfit i'm wearing is by Golden In The Night. It is available in several colors and every piece is sold separately.


Skin        [Hush]       Hanna     -   Vanilla   -   New

Shape       Self made

Hair       TRUTH       Priscilla  

Outfit        Golden In The Night         Lady D   -   skyblue  -  New

Nails and necklace      Mandala

Poses      ::  Focus Poses  ::   and   label motion (in the last photo)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Fairytale

My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies...

I' m wearing an amazing skin by cStar Limited, and it is the new gacha,wich starts from10L, Miss Cancer 2012. It is available in 16 different skin tones and at the store there is also a lucky letter to win this pretty skin!

Skin       cStar Limited         Miss Cancer 2012  -  Elven Natural  -  New

Shape      Self Made

Hair       TRUTH       Leilani 

Dress           [Plastik]         Koahkuma    -   grey

Wings      **Angelwing**      part of an outfit  -  Forgotten Fairy Green

Nails      Mandala

Pose       ::  Focus Poses  ::        Fairy Set   -  MND3 Hunt

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hello folks! I hope you have a good weekend! And a good Suturday of course! So some news in this post. First of all, Juliette, the new release by [Hush] Skins. I like so much this skin, it is so cute and sweet, and i think that the particular femine style is a mmon quality in the Hush's Skins. Then, the top i' m wearing is part of the new release by Useful Things; it is available in different colors also: so pretty! And it is in mesh of course! The earrings are a sale item at The Fashion Cache, also the poses i used are sold at the event. XOXO!

The pants are a new gift at Blueberry Mainstore, in mesh and so adorable!

I'm also wearing :

Skin       [Hush]    Juliette   -  Gloss  -  Cream  -  New

Shape     Self Made

Hair       [LeLutka]      Knotted

Shirt       .:Useful Things:.         Short One Shoulder Hoodie  -  blue  -  New

Pants         Blueberry        Beena    -   Skinny Pants in blue  -  gift

Nails       [S H O C K]       Shine Tech Nails  -  white  -  New

Earrings       Bliensen+MaiTai      Ornamental Earrings  -  The Fashion Cache

Belt       [LeLutka]       Anna   -  dark

Poses         .jaH.       4 poses 60L at The Fashion Cache

Friday, June 22, 2012

Give me a cigarette

In this photo i' m wearing some items that you can find at SL9B, an event sim where it's celebreting the birthday of SecondLife. The 9th Birthday! Happy Birthday SL!

Skin     .::WoW Skins::.       Suraya   -   1500 group members gift

Shape      Superbia        Naima   -   New

Hair          =DeLa*=         9B 2      -   Light Brown  -  SL9B Egg (free)

Top      *BeReckless*        Simple Mesh Grey Top   -   *Lips*   -   New

Skirt           [Chloe]             Nathany   -   snake  -  New

Bag           BagLady Design       Tat is 40  -  subscribe gift

Glasses        Eluzion      Sashka   -   purple   -  fatpack on sale 75L

Belt        Emo-tions           Flora Belt    -   black   -   SL9B gift

Nails       [S H O C K]         Shine Tech Nails    -   purple  -  New

Tattoo        Superbia          Summer Sun    -  free for DSLH

Poses        ::  Focus Poses  ::         Handbag set 10   -   New

Into the wild

The title of this post is inspired to an amazing film i love so much! As you can see in the photo i' m wearing a rp outfit by May's Soul; it is called First Bow. The legwarms and the bracelets are all included. Then , the skin is a new release by Modish, it remembers me an indian, a cute indian! With this colors i thought it was perfect for this style. Finally, i want to show you the particular nails i had: they are the new item that Superbia released for this fi*Fridays, only 55L! They come in 10 size and with resize. Huggies!

Skin      ::Modish::        Lamia FireLines    -   tan   -   New

Shape     self made

Hair         CaTwA          Amylee    -   sugar

Outfit         May's Soul          First Bow   -  New

Nails          Superbia          Abstract     -   at fi*Fridays

Anklet          KOSH           Sun Anklet   -  #06DSLH

Poses        Fly Lily           Elfie   -  SVPAP Project  - last day!!

Feet        Maitreya


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Goodnight Moon

Well this look i think is too rock! I' m wearing an outfit that Stars has in promo for only 99L. The shirt is in mesh and it's too funny, while under i' m dressing a corset in jacket layer and a tanga in underwear layer. The hair are a new release by Yassine, and i'm wearing it with a particular hairbase by Shapespare wich  i brought some time ago at BDE. One of the think i love more in this look is the make up i had on: it is a new release by .:Glamorize:., available in several styles. Finally, a must i think! A new set by FZaPP with original earrings and ring: a big marine star! It is available also in gold. The boots i' m wearing are a new release by !REDEMPTION!. So cooll!! Love them! There are available in several colors with two color blocking style as the one i' m dressing in the photos. Enjoy the post!

Skin       [Atomic]       Grace

Shape      self made

Hair         Yassine Hair         Gasolina  -  black  -  New

Hairbase/Tattoo        Shapespeare       Roses Tattoo  -  past BDE

Make up        .:Glamorize:.        Champagne combos  -  3 ways of make up   -  New

Outfit        *Stars*Fashion*           To Be Or Not TO Be  -  promo 99L

Earrings and ring        FZaPP         ZaPP   -  silver  -   Creative Event

Nails      Mandala

Boots      !REDEMPTION!         The Kex Bootie  -  color block 2  -  New

Poses       ::  Focus Poses  ::      Model 74

Pose       ::  Focus Poses  ::      Carnival Pack   -   at ZombiePopcorn Carnival

It's too hot!

Hello lovelies! I don't know how you feel in this summer but here i'm like an icecream: i'm melt down! Well some news i'm dressing today. The dress i' m wearing is by .evolve. and it is a new release, available in several colors and each colors have a different patterns. Too cute! They have also different alpha sizes to fit it perfectly on you. The bag is by .evolve. too, and it is an hunt item of TOSL Hunt Anniversary. One of the thing i love so much in this style of today is my necklace! A new release by MG, it has the ability to change the color of every single piece, and it is wearable in combo or with a single piece or two, as you prefer. The nails are a gift by TOSL Hunt also. Finally, i used poses and umbrella by .ploom. that release for the first rotation of Fluid this nice item. There are six poses included in the release.

Skin        [Atomic]         Grace   -  past TDRB

Shape     self made

Hair        [LeLutka]      Nicole  -   JustDone

Dress       .evolve.     Clementine  Sundress   -  round here  -   New

Bag         .evolve.       Hodgepodge Satchel  -  TOSL Hunt

Necklace            MG      Pearls   -  Color Mixing Necklace   -  New

Nails       [*RD*]       Cotton Candy   -  TOSL Hunt

Poses and umbrella        .ploom.        Beach Days   -  Fluid

Also on ---->

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Sun

Skin        Al Vulo!         Miha   -   peach

Shape      self made

Hair        TRUTH       Leilani   -   gingers

Outfit        *Tentacio*          Ruth   -  50L Stuff In Stock

Nails      [*RD*]     Cotton Candy  -  TOSL Hunt

Ring       *Tentacio*       Ring   -  orange   -   June Festival gift

Necklace      [Echo]        Plated Necklace   -   aqua grey -  New

Pose      ::  Focus Poses  ::     Model 71


Hello! Today a perfect summer look with some news by *BeReckless* , Superbia, Tameless, two gifts from the TOSL Hunt Anniversary. Enjoy the post!

Skin        [Hush]         Christine  -  bronze

Shape     self made

Hair        Tameless         Vix  -  cocoa  -  New

Dress         *BeReckless*      Tie Neck Mesh Maxi Dress  -  blue  -   New

Bracelet        .::PiCHi::.         Studded Love Bracelet   - #23 for TOSL Hunt

Nails         [*RD*]           Cotton Candy   -   free for TOSL Hunt

Earrings         Superbia          Gypsy Earrings   -  green  -   New

Poses         :.:Fudge:.:        Ellie  Poses   -   #27 TOSL Hunt

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dreaming Sky

Hello! A simple look for this hot summer days! Hope you like it... kisses my dears!

Skin         [Hush]       Christine  -  bronze 

Shape     self made

Hair       Tameless         Divinity   

Lipgloss      Pink Acid        Skitless    -   yellow  -  New

Romper      ~Voulez Vous ~        Jardin  Playsuit  -  mesh  -  mint green

Nails       [VIRTUAL/INSANITY]       Chealse Kitty   -   The Fashion Cache

Bag        .evolve.        Hodgepodge Satchel  -  foam  -  New

Poses       ::  Focus Poses  ::        Model  68

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hello lovelies! Happy Sunday! Today some news by Blueberry and cStar Lmited, also a couple of earrings by [S H O C K], so cute, i love them. The dress is by Blueberry and is in mesh, it is available in different colors, here i' m dressing the denim in black. The skin is a new release by cStar Limited, but this skin isn't limited! yes! It is available in three different tones. I think it's so beutiful and gives a particular look to the avi. Hope you like! Kisses...

Skin      cStar Limited       Olivia   01  -  Satin SprayTan  -   New

Shape     self made

Hair       TRUTH(already posted)

Dress       Blueberry        Berry Mesh Denim Dress   -   black  -  New

Necklace       MG       Love Rocker  -  gold

Nails       Mandala  

Earrings        [S H O C K]         Graceful Death   -   New

Bracelet      FZaPP      PY  -  Black/Gold  -   New

Bracelet   Up Arm        Le Temps Des Illusions       My Mesh Bracelet  

Pumps      Mstyle        Goshi Pumps   -   black

Poses       ::  Focus Poses  ::        Model 71   -   New



Skin     ::Modish::      KastASpell   Summer  -   strawberry  -  sunkiss  -   June Festival

Shape      self made

Eyes       Meghindo      Pam    -   teal

Hair        TRUTH        Andrea    -   dark browns

Dress        !REDEMPTION!        The Skater Dress  -   red   -   55L at fi*Fridays

Shoes       !REDEMPTION!        The Kex Bootie Shoe   -   mesh red  -  55L at fi*Fridays

Nails        [VIRTUAL/INSANITY]           Square nails    Chelsea  Kitty  -  The Fashion Cache

Necklace       Concrete Flowers       Cherry    -   gift

Earrings         Lush Cosmetics        Geometric earrings   -   The Fashion Cache

Belt         Superbia       Hippie Belt   -  red   -   New

Poses        ::  Focus Poses  ::       Jewelry set and Model 68 set

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I want to learn belly dance!

Poses       BENT.       Hula   -  for Fluid

Skin     Mojo     Zombie PopCorn Edition  -  till 30th June

Hair     TRUTH     Andrea   -  dark browns

Corset       *BeReckless*     Mesh Leather Corset  -  yellow  -  New

Pants        ...::: AV!SAGE :::...      Arabian Pants - 007  -  CBF

Wedges       ...::: AV!SAGE :::...     Wedge Sandal  -  009  -  CBF

Bracelets        FZaPP      PY  -  Black/Gold -  New

Earrings and ring      FZaPP     Magick - gold 05 - New

Nails    Mandala   Milky Way  -  sun gold

Poses    BENT.   Hula  (on right)   and  :: Focus Poses ::  Jewelry Set (on left)

Friday, June 15, 2012


Skin       GOLA        Katiusha    -   at The Fashion Cache

Shape    self made

Hair        CaTwA         Hadeya    -   espresso   -   past group gift

Jumpsuit           *Lavandachic*        Short Jumpsuit   -   1L at SGB event

Bag        *Lavandachic*        Summer Bag   -   0L at SGB event

Headband        *Eyelure*         Black sheer lace bow with silver hairband  -  New

Nails         [S H O C K]         Plaid In Colors   -  June Festival (available from 16thJune)

Espadrille       J's         Espadrille  -  in mesh , white  -   recent release

Poses       .Pekka.        Eva     -   for Fluid

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Skin       {essences}       Rowena   -  tan  - Chic2

Hair         CaTwA        Reem  -  mahogany

Dress       ArisAris      Ruffle Dress  -  red  -  New

Nails       [S H O C K]        All Shoes -  orange

Pose       BENT.      Hula    -  for Fluid

Couch       Trompe Loeil       NYC66  -  it is available in several colors

Shoes       J's      Lace Ribbon Sandals   -   red  -   recent release

Necklace      MG      Eden Sun Pendent  -  CHIC2

Seat        Trompe Loeil        Three Cushion Seat NYC66  -   red