Beso En La Boca

By Danielle Livadi - 5/12/2012 06:42:00 PM

Hello! Rock Me Amadeus has a new release! New lingerie Barbara in several colors ( purple, cherry, cyan, turquoise not show) 100L each or 399L for the fatpack. The earrings i have in one of the photos are sold at The Fashion Cache, a pack of four earrings for 100L.

Lingerie      Rock Me Amadeus     Barbara    -  pink and red   -  New

Earring    Persefona    Erica black   -  at The Fashion Cache

I' m wearing also

Pumps       MAAI     Supergirl    -   hot pink and red   -   New
Hair     Elikatira
Skin     [Atomic]
Earrings and nails     Mandala

Thanks to Amadeus Beattie (Rock Me Amadeus), Snow Wolfhunter (MAAI), Persefona.

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