Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Blouse

A new beautiful release by Arisaris! A blouse in mesh and in several patterns and colors. Go to the mainstore to grab this nice release!

Skin    Mojo  -  Selena  -  pearl  -  New
Eyes      Mayfly -  Deep Sky Eyes  -  Absinthe  -  New
Hair    [LeLutka]  -  Jolie  -  Syrup
Blouse    Arisaris  -  Loose Blouse Degraded  -  mesh  -  New
Leggins    Bleh  -  Nude 
Nails    Mandala  -  Milky Way  -  polly white
Pose    Magnifique Pose

Thanks to  Ariadna Garrigus (Arisaris), Ethan Rumpler (Mojo), Arkesh Baral (Mayfly).


Hello! I hope you have a good day full of sun! Well Maai has a new release! It is Miki, an outfit that consists in a top with heart pattern and a flexi skirt. It is available in six different colors and patterns. The one i dress is in beige hearts. Then i dress a shape which, for the new Whore Certified Week, Superbia has a new shape, Nayra, so cute!

Skin     Krasota  -  Fransuasa
Shape    Superbia  -  NaYra  - WCW
Eyes    Mayfly  -  Deep Sky eyes  -  Absinthe  - New
Hair    Rosy mood  -  Myosotis  -  chocolate  -  free
Dress     MAAI  -  Miki  -  beige hearts  -  New
Nails    Mandala  - Milky Way - sun gold
Necklace   Superbia  -  Space Watch Collar  -  Plate  - New
Bracelets    [Sleeping Koala]  -  three gold and mesh  -  Recent release
Poses and bag     [ILAYA]  -  my bag pose set + mesh bag

Thanks to Ojeras Tolsen and Neftisis Rhiadra (Superbia), Snow Wolfhunter (MAAI), Evelyn Hartshon (SleepingKoala), Arkesh Baral (Mayfly).

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mojo Photo Contest!

From  1 to 31 May, will open the first photo contest organized by MOJO.

First prize: 50.000 Linden.
Second prize: a fat package  of skin.
Third Prize: a bundle pack of skins.

Participation in the contest does not require any registration, to participate  is realy simply , just use our skins in your pictures  and publish, one or more, on the flickr page of our group (
So, use your creativity, imagination and have fun!

Basic rules for the validity of your shots:
1. Is mandatory use one of our skins (no limitation on the type of shot).
2. No limit to the number of pictures that may be published by one person.
3. The photographs should be published in the following page of Flickr.
4. The photos must be published from 1 and no later than 31 May, all photos posted over the expiration date, will not be considered for the competition.

Mojo' s Stuff reserve the right to delete all the pictures that do not respect the our standard and the common decency.

So Enjoy The Contest!

Balls, flowers and ghirigori!

Hello girls! I hope you have a good Sunday! I'm here with a beautiful news for you and ine of this is completely free! Well, *BeReckless* has a new release, an amazing one shoulder top in several patterns and colors. One of this beautiful top is free and is the group gift.  The necklace and the ring i dress are all new release by Superbia, so nice!! Finally a very nice gift from PRISS that have a sale round, but i don't know how much time it goes.

*BeReckless*    One Shoulder Top  -  mesh  -  in five patterns - New
in the first photo there is the group gift!

Superbia  Accessories  -  Musical Watch Collar  -  Gold  -  New

Superbia  Accessories  -  Start Ring  -  Gold  -  New

Mayfly  -  Deep Sky Eyes  -  Absinthe&Monet - in four different shades - New

I'm dressing also:

Skin  ITGIRLS   Florrie  -  Pale
Shape    made by me
Hair    TRUTH  -  Andrea  -  sandlewood
Leggins    INDI Designs  -  Misha
Purse    (PRISS)  -  OversizeCoinPurse  -  gift in store

Pose i used:

JNMT's Courtesy Poses

Thanks to Fertility Roxan (*BeReckless*), Neftisis Rhiadra and Ojeras Tolsen (Superbia), Arkesh Baral (Mayfly).

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thinking about a beach *_*

New releases from Pink Acid and Forever Young. Pink Acid  has two new cute top in pink and purple version qith a nice bow on both. The shorts i use are all a new release by Forever Young, in four colors available. You can buy the pose i use at The Retreat, where BENT. sell a pack of six poses for only 50L!!

Skin    [Atomic]  -  Grace  -  mistletoe  -  past TDR
Eyes    Meghindo's  -  Pam  -  blue
Hair    TRUTH  -  Andrea  -  sandlewood
Top    Pink Acid  -  Springy Summer  Tank Top  - Pink and Purple Tones  - New
Shorts    :Forever Young:  -  Bootay Shorts  -  New
Bangles     Zaara  - Indra painted stacked - silver
Sandals   [LeLutka]  -  Mischa  -  solidpack  - cherry
Pose    BENT.  -  Crossed  -  50L at The Retreat

Thanks to Stasey Oller (Pink Acid), Hannah Lacombe (:Forever Young:), Catherine Fairport (BENT.).


Hello my dear readers, todai is the DAY! The Retreat will open and a lot of amazing items waiting for you at 50L each. The poses i use this time are an example. I show you some news also by *[Eclat]* and .::[F]uchOn::. Enjoy the post!

Skin    [Atomic]  -  Grace  -  Mistletoe  -  past WLH(i'm not sure till available)
Shape     made by me
Eyes    Meghindo's  -  Pam - Blue
Hair     Wasabi Pills  -   Teeloh  -  Fantasy Faire 2012 gift
Top   *[Eclat]*  -  Mesh Strap Top  -  black  - New
Pants    .::[F]uchOn::.  -  Mesh Pants  -  group gift
Sneakers    Python  -  StarDust_Pink  -  free on lucky chair
Earrings    ..:: BenS Beauty ::..  -  Scarlet  -  white  -  gift
Nails    Finesmith  -  French sky  - group gift (fee to join)
Poses    (Fluke)  at The Retreat

Thanks to Ahimsa Balut (*[Eclat]*), Soninhaa Gartner (.::[F]uchOn::.), Freedom Parx (Fluke).

Friday, April 27, 2012

On the floor!!

Today is Friday so a new round is started at fi*Fridays! In the photos i dress the news from !REDEMPTION! and Superbia for this round. The poses i use are an exclusive by Apple Spice Poses at Pose Fair 2012. Kisses!

Skin    [Atomic]  -  Grace  -  Mistletoe  -  past WLH
Shape    cStar Limited  -  Miss Taurus 2012  - on gatcha
Eyes    Meghindo's  -  Pam  -  Blue
Hair    Facepalm Designs  -  Pastry  -  gift at The Retreat
Bodysuit     !REDEMPTION!  -  All Tied Up  -  Red - at fi*Fridays 55L (available in grey and blue also)
Tattoo    Superbia  -  Motoko  -  dark  -  55L at fi*Fridays (comes in medium and light tone also)
Ring and bangle     ((Crystal line))  -  whitedove ring and Blue Square bangle from Blue Square set
Flats     *BeReckless*  -  Mesh Ballet Flats  -  red  -  50L at The Retreat
Poses    Apple Spice Poses  -  Ballet Poses ( ten poses in fatpack) at Pose Fair 2012

Thanks to Fertility Roxan (*BeReckless*), Unico Solo and AppleSpiceStore (cStar Limited and Apple Spice Poses), Sheila Jassen (!REDEMPTION!), Nftisis Rhiadra (Superbia), Kea Amarula (Facepalm Designs).

Wild Flowers

Hello my dears! Today is one of the final days to find some deals at Flawless Spring Sale and the day before the grand opening of The Retreat! The Retreat will open tomorrow and you can find great items at a great price! All the items 50L each. Enjoy the post!

Skin    :NBGG:    -  Jazmine  -  two make up  -  at The Retreat 50L
Shape    *BeReckless*  -  Evelyn shape  -  The Retreat 50L
Eyes    Meghindo's   -  Pam  - blue
Hair    Facepalm Designs  -  Eeva  -  Flame  -  at The Retreat
Dress     1 Hundread  -  Whimsy Dress - Iris  - 100L at Flawless Spring Sale till 29th April
Jewellery     Gems & Kisses  -  Miracle Of Light
Ring    ZEPHYR  -  Nabucco set  - magenta  -  at The Retreat 50L
Pose     Ricielli  -  past easter hunt#4

Thanks to Fertility Roxan (*BeReckless*), Sira Savira (1 Hundred), Gigi Ponnier (NBGG), Kea Amerula (Facepalm Designs), Love Simondsen (ZEPHYR).

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Take her to... The Retreat!

On this 28th April. there is the grand opening of The Retreat, a new shop with designers putting up some great items for 50L. Skin, hair, shape, jewellery! All kind of items! Now i show you some of the items that you can find.

Skin     .::WoW Skins::.  -  Bambola  - at The Retreat 50L (included shape, cl option, lipgloss)
Shape     *BeReckless*  -  Evelyn shape  -  50L at The Retreat
Eyes    Meghindo's  -  Pam  - blue
Hair     Tameless  -  Foxi  -  blonde  -  New
Dress    Arisaris  -  Nasrin Dress in mesh  -  salmon  -  Recent Release
Jewellery    ZEPHYR  -  Nabucco set - magenta - exclusive at The Retreat 50L
Bag     ZEPHYR  -  Wicker bag  - magenta  -  at The Retreat  50L
Poses     *VEXTRA FASHION*  -  ANI-mate hud

Thanks to Sawsan SecretSpy (.::WoW Skins::.), Fertility Roxan (*BeReckless*), Nita Bracken (Tameless), Love Simondsen (ZEPHYR), Ariadna Garrigus (Arisaris), Vextra Messing (*VEXTRA FASHION*).

Indian Influences

Hello my dear readers! Have a good Thursday! My day isn't so good :( i have a strange pain to my right ear! So i have some news to show you as the new tanks by !REDEMPTION!. They are so nice, with the Ganesha symbol, in mesh and in three different colors: white, grey and black. Then, the shorts i dress are both a new creation of Fertility Roxan, owner of BeReckless. You can find them at store in several colors (beige, black, orange and white) and i thinks they are a must for this spring and the upcoming summer! They are in mesh. in different sizes and have the alpha layer. 75L each and only 200L for the fatpack! Finally, the new line of lipsticks by Flirt Cosmetics, so original! JailBait lipstick in twelve colors. These lipsticks will look different with each skin you wear, based on the lip shades. Kisses!!!

On Left:

Skin    .::WoW Skins::.  -  Lory  -  BDE Exclusive 79L (comes with shape, cl option, hb)
Shape     .::WoW Skins::.   -  Lory shape - BDE Exclusive
Eyes     Meghindo's  -  Pam - Blue
Hair     TRUTH  -  Jess  -  cocoa  - past gift
Tank     !REDEMPTION!  -  Ganesha tank  -  white  -  New
Shorts     *BeReckless*  -  Mesh Ladies shorts  -  black  - New
Lipstick     Flirt  -  JailBait  -  red  -  New
Jewellery and nails     Mandala  -  Takara  -  purple
Pose   N30  - Coy

On right:

Skin    [Atomic]  -  Grace  - Buff  - Electric - past TDR
Eyes    Bleh  -  Brown  - free (not sure available yet)
Hair     Alice Project  -  Lina 
Tank    !REDEMPTION!  -  Ganesha  tank - grey - New
Shorts    *BeReckless*  -  Mesh Ladies shorts  -  white  - New
Lipstick    Flirt  -  JailBait  -  black  - New
Jewellery and nails    Mandala  - Milky way and Takara
Pose   N30  -  Coy

Thanks to  Sheila Jassen (!REDEMPTION!), Fertility Roxan (*BeReckless*), Nina69a Flux (Flirt), Sawsan SecretSpy (.::WoW Skins::.).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Three Angels

Today is Wednesday, and as every wednesday, at Jersey Shore a new round of GFW started! This is the new offer from Forever Young. For 99L a set with shorts and four tops included. The tops are in several colors: bubblegum, lime, white and perwinkle. I dress some hari that are gifts.

Tops and shorts     :Forever Young:  -  Spring Fever set (four tops and one shorts)  -  99L GFW

I' m wearing also:

On Left:

Skin    ::Modish::   -  UrKiddo  Sunkiss  - Nude lips  - Kawaii Fair 2012 10L
Shape    cStar Limited - Miss Taurus  -  Gatcha
Eyes     Redgrave  -  Moon  -  Pythongreen 
Hair    Clawtooth  -  Mystery Redux  -  Dreamy Red  -  free in group notice (secondlife:///app/group/ba73c3b0-c804-4dad-7fe1-e8d1fadd81a2/about)

In the middle:
Skin    [[ Revenge ]]  -  Lovely  -  free
Eyes     Redgrave  -  Leticia2  -  CobaltBlue
Hair     Action Hair  -  Tina  -  bleached

On right:
Skin     Mojo  -  Angelica  -  april group gift
Eyes     Mayfly  -  Deep Sky Eyes  -  Crystal
Hair     Action Hair  -  Alison.2 - Nut - april group gift - fee to join

All Poses    label motion

Thanks to Hannah Lacombe ( :Forever Young: ), Ethan Rumpler (Mojo), Unico Solo and AppleSpiceStore (cStar Limited), Ele Brandi (Modish).

Monday, April 23, 2012

Look at the stars

Well now i show you some news! The vest i dress is by BeReckless, and it's available in some different colors as topaz, pink, blue, purple and dark blue. It' s so nice this top and comes with alpha layer also! Then a new from Pelle Hair, Shanty black, in black, blonde, brown, pink and red. Finally, two glamour news from Pink Acid! A tattoo and a yummy make uo with lipstick and eyelashes or lipstick only. The skirt i dress is a new release by Eclat. You can find it at mainstore in several colors, it's a mesh skirt! Kisses!

Skin     ::Modish::  -  UrKiddo - Sunkiss - at Kawaii Fair 2012 10L
Shape    cStar Limited  -  Miss Taurus 2012 shape - New - gatcha
Eyes   Mayfly   -  Deep Sky eyes  -  Amber Pitch
Hair     Pelle Hair  -  Shanty - black - New
Top     *BeReckless*  -   Mesh Ruffled Vest Top  - yellow  - New
Skirt    *[Eclat]*   -  Mesh Denim Skirt - blue  - New
Nails   Mandala   -  Milky way - gaga black
Cuffs    Superbia  -  Leather set - dark red - New
Lipgloss and eyelashes    Pink Acid - Gummy Bear - Rose Red - New
Tattoo    Pink Acid  -  Protected Cross tattoo - dark  - New
Pose    Diesel Works

Thanks to Ojeras Tolsen and Neftisis Rhiadra (Superbia), Fertility Roxan (BeReckless), Stasey Oller (Pink Acid), Morgana Direwytch (Pelle Hair), Ele Brandi (::Modish::), Unico Solo and AppleSpiceStore (cStar Limited), Ahimsa Balut (*[Eclat]*), Arkesh Baral (Mayfly).

Miss Taurus

Hello! Some deals are going on inworld! As the new beautiful skin on the Gatcha, Miss Taurus, a lspecial edition skin for 2012 by cStar Limited. Tha gatcha stars at 10L(but some days are spend too, so now is a little bit more than 10L) increasing everyday by 1L. You can win nine differnt prizes, also the shape of this amazing skin. Then, the new accessories by Superbia: a sexy set with collar and bangles in black or red.

Skin   cStar Limited - Miss Taurus 2012 - in four tones: beige, warm beige, amber and shine - New Gatcha in store
Shape   cStar Limited  -  Miss Taurus 2012 - New
Eyes    n-creation  - vampire silver eyes - gift
Hair   Tameless  -   Lolah  - black
Top   !REDEMPTION! - Eye Of The Tiger - april gift
Collar and cuffs   Superbia - Leather set - black
Poses   label motion - Izzie poses
Nails  Mandala  - Milky Way - gaga black

Thanks to AppleSpiceStore and Unico Solo (cStar Limited), Sheila Jassen (!REDEMPTION!), Nita Bracken (Tameless), Ojeras Tolsen and Neftisis Rhiadra (Superbia).

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's hot now?

Hiya dear readers! I hope you had a good weekend! So Vero Modero has some new releases, today i wanna show you the new Lal set in mesh and in blue color. Very cool and nice, i love it!

Skin    LAQ  -  Ebba  -  Ivory  - past gift
Eyes    Meghindo
Hair    Exile  -  Cerise  -  nutmeg
Outfit      Vero Modero  -  Lal set - pants, top, jacket and belt - blue - New
Nails    Mandala  -  Female palette1 medium
Pose   N30  - So what

Thanks to Bouquet Babii and Audrey Cresci (Vero Modero).

Clearance Sale at Rock Me Amadeus!

For 1 week only ALL sale items marked down to L$25 each. DO not miss out!
Items are all copy only (prims are mod)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feel the wind blowing

Hello my dear readers! Today i decided to dress something cute and warm, so i show you a recent release of MAAI: Val , a knitted mesh dress in seven different colors. Another new is from Flirt Cosmetics,  nine lipsticks each 50L called Juiced UP. Finally, the new gift of Bliss Couture for its group's members. Kisses to all!

Skin   VERSHE  -  Bambie skin - Olivekiss fair - TGH
Eyes    Meghindo  -  Pam  - blue
Hair     *Bliss Couture*  -  Jennie hair  -  Caviar  - group gift
Dress with leggins     MAAI  -  Val  -  knitted mesh dress  -  blue - recent release
Lipstick    Flirt  -  Juiced up - red - New
Bow   ZEPHYR  -  Headband Animal print mesh - purple
Wedges     Indyra Originals   -  Coquette noir - Marina Wedge
Pose    .evolve.  -  poison 

Thanks to Bellastarr Fhang (.evolve.), Snow Wolfhunter (MAAI) Nina69a Flux (Flirt), Love Simondsen (ZEPHYR).

Friday, April 20, 2012

New round at fi*Fridays!

It's Friday! So a new round of fi*Fridays began! Two new coll items from Redemption and Superbia for this round, i show you what you can buy at 55L! Then an amazing new from Mojo Skin: Selena skin in ten different make up! So stylish! I love it. Enjoy the photos!!

Superbia   Mapache Set in four colors  at fi*Fridays 55L

Superbia  Pshiko Square and Circles Plugs at fi*Friday 55L

Skin   Mojo  - Selena (the fashionista) - Pearl  - 08  - New
Shape    Mojo -  Selena  - New
Hair    TRUTH  -  Gabriel  - mocha
Dress    !REDEMPTION! - Neon Stripe Maxi Dress - rigged mesh - 55L for fi*Fridays
Shoes    Purrfect10 - Serenity Amethyst Rose Heels
Necklace   ZEPHYR  -  Nabucco set  - pink

Thanks  to  Neftisis Rhiadra and Ojeras Tolsen (Superbia) , Sheila Jassen (!REDEMPTION!), Love Simondsen  (ZEPHYR), Ethan Rumpler (Mojo).

It's cashmere!

Hello... Today as first post of the day i want to show a new release from Eclat. It's an outfit with cashmere long sweater and sheer leggins. So cute and warm! The make up i have it's from *EyeLure* and you can find it in three different styles!.

Skin    [Atomic]  -  Grace  - Electric  - past TDRB
Eyes   .ID. - Glimmer eyes - BlueGreen
Hair   TRUTH  -  Vicky
Dress and leggins    *[Eclat]*  -  Versus mesh sweater dress  - New
Make up    *EyeLure*  -  Pretty Pout - Beauty Pout melon 3
Pose    .evolve.  - hush

Thanks to Ahimsa Balut (*[Eclat]*), Bellastarr Fhang (.evolve.), Willow Markova (*EyeLure*).

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hello girls! Today i want blog about a new release of MAAI. A beautiful dress in five different patterns, it gives me a sense of glamour and vintage at the same time. The skin i have as the shape is by Style By Kira. It is sold at Kawaii Fair 2012, that you can find on till 28th April.

Skin   Style By Kira  -  Shino  01A  at Kawaii Fair 2012
Shape    Style By Kira  -  Shino  Shape  - at Kawaii Fair 2012
Eyes    .ID.  - Glimmer eyes  - BlueGreen
Hair    TRUTH  -  Becky  - black  - free for members of Truth District group (now without fee)
Dress (on left)    MAAI  -  Tammy  -  stars  -  New
Dress (on right)  MAAI  -  Tammy  -  roses - New
Bangle   Mandala  -  Pearl rain  - black
Earrings    Mandala  -  Lotus Chain  - black
Poses   N30

Thanks to Kira Paderborn (Style By Kira), Snow Wolfhunter (MAAI).
P.S: I don't post Style By Kira' s LM 'cause you can find Shino skins and shape only at Kawaii Fair!


A cute mesh dress from Useful Things which you can find in several sizes and in three different colors: red, black and white. I love it! As i love the new leggins from Pink Acid, colorful and sexy. I dress a perfect make up by *Eyelure*, the new hair style of Tameless and the cute flats by BeReckless!

Skin    [Atomic]  -  Grace  - Spring - TDRB
Eyes   Insufferable Dastard  - FFL  - Glimmer eyes - BlueGreen
Hair   Tameless  -  Bonnie  -  brown  - New
Make Up    *EyeLure*  -  Gala  - Deep red
Dress     Useful Things  -  Mesh long hoodie - red  - New
Leggins     Pink Acid  - Rainbow Leopard leggins - New
Flats    BeReckless  -  Mesh ballet flats - gold -New
Pose    .evolve.  -  stoic

Thanks to Nita Bracken (Tameless), Willow Markova (*EyeLure*), Lonlysoule Resident (Useful Things), Stasey Oller (Pink Acid), Fertility Roxan (BeReckless), Bellastarr Fhang (.evolve.).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hello girls! Today started another round of GFW and for this round Forver Young have an amazing offer: an top and jeand (complete outfit) at 99L only for Wednesday. Then some news from Lavandachic, one is gacha items only for 2L, second a cute item for mouth! Very original! I dress the new mesh ballet flats by BeReckless also; you can find them in several colors at mainstore. Finally, ZEPHYR and the last release from Tameless, Bonnie hair style.

Skin   Dulce Secrets  -  Lyric Vodka Bikini Base - New
Eyes    .ID. -  FFL - Glimmer eyes - BlueGreen
Hair    Tameless  -  Bonnie  - black - New
Outfit (top and pants)   Forever Young - for GFW 99L with sheer style also
Flats     BeReckless  -  Mesh Ballet Flats - silver - New
Bag    ZEPHYR  -  Wicker bag - purple - New
Belt    Pepper  - Brass knuckle belt - white - april group gift/fee
Make up on eyes     Flirt  - Kesh - Plain - at Private Room
Magazines    LavandaSquare  -  Vogue magazine - gatcha3 - 2L
Piece on mouth    Lavandachic - Barbie's chic dress - purple - New
Poses    label motion - Rose

Thanks to  AnneAlyce Maertens (Dulce Secrets), Hannah Lacombe (Forever Young), Fertility Roxan (BeReckless), Nita Bracken (Tameless), Love Simondsen (ZEPHYR), Uklea Resident (Lavandachic), Nina69a Flux (Flirt).

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fly away with me

Hello! New arrivals at BeReckless! Five beautiful mesh dress that are perfect for this Spring! In the photos i show you two of them. I dress a new hair style by Pelle also and a new make up for eyes by Flirt. It's a special make up called maskered! The earrings are a new release of Mashooka and they have an hud to change color of the hearts ( four colors). So go to get this wonderful releases!

Skin    [Atomic] - Grace - Spring - TDRB
Eyes  ID - Glimmer eyes - BlueGreen
Hair    Pelle Hair - Bianca - black - New
Dress    BeReckless  -  Bubble Mesh dress  - Flowers - New
Earrings     Mashooka  -  Kanti earrings hearts  - New
On face   Flirt  - masked - pink - 50L at mainstore
Pose   Eternal Dream - Rainbow - gift at Pose Fair 2012

Skin    [Atomic]  -  Grace  -  Spring  - TDRB
Eyes    Insufferable Dastard  - Glimmer eyes  -  BlueGreen
Hair    Pelle Hair   -  Bianca  - black  -  New
Dress    BeReckless  -  Bubble Mesh dress -   Geometric  - New
On face    Flirt  -  masked2 - pink  - 50L in the store
Earrings    Mashooka  -  Kanti earrings hearts  - New
Pose    Eternal Dream  -  Ballons  - at Pose Fair 2012

Thanks to Morgana Direwytch (Pelle), Fertility Roxan (BeReckless), Nina69a Flux (Flirt), Aradhana Voight (Mashooka), Fata Boa (Eternal Dream).

Monday, April 16, 2012

I have the strenght!

New bodysuit br Redemption. So sexy!!! In several colors, it looks very beautiful! Then unfailing a new make up from Pink Acid. So stylish, i wanna kiss my lips, Lol... yes i think it makes the lips so nice and desiderable. The tattoo is a new from Superbia, it is so glamour also. Finally, the poses i use are an exclusive of Pose Fair 2012 by Apple Spice Poses.

Skin    [Atomic]  -  Grace  - Spring  -  TDRB
Eyes    ID  -  FFL  - Glimmer eyes  - BlueGreen
Hair    Shag  - Bombshell  - gingersnap
Lipstick, eyelashes and blush    Pink Acid  -  Sweet Love - New
Bodysuit    !Redemption!  -  Leopard Bz - pink  -  New
Boots    BAX  -  Prestige Boots Black Leather 
Bracelet   MONS - Xena - blue&purple - TDRB
Tattoo    Superbia  -  Geisha  - dark  - New
Poses    Apple Spice Poses  - HeartBroken  - New at Pose Fair 2012

Thanks to Stasey Oller (Pink Acid), Ojeras Tolsen and Neftisis Rhiadra (Superbia), AppleSpiceStore Resident (Apple Spice Poses).

I wish You!

Hi Girls! Today some items from TDR and others news! I dress high waist pants by BeReckless, i love them and the way the look on me! You can find it in four colors. Then i love the new make up by Pink Acid, so sweet and soft with pink lips and blush.

Skin   [Atomic]  -  Grace  - Spring - at TDR
Eyes    ID  - FFL - Glimmer eyes - BlueGreen
Hair    CaTwA  -  Carolena  - pearl
Top    *BOOM*  -  Ice Cream tank - cotton candy swirl
Lipstick and blush    Pink Acid - Sweet Love  - New
Pants     *BeReckless*  -  High Waisted Jeans  - blue
Necklace    [glow]studio  -  Abstract - pastels  - TDR
Bracelets    [glow]studio  -  Ribbon and pearls bracelets - past hunt
Pumps    Baby Monkey  -  Nadine Patent - lilac  - MM Board
Pose   label motion  -  Rumor

Thanks to Stasey Oller (Pink Acid), Fertility Roxan (BeReckless).