Keep Calm And Keep Shopping Event

By Danielle Livadi - 4/02/2012 04:12:00 AM

The Keep Calm and Keep Shopping event is a two week event featuring some of the most fantastic stores in Second Life! We’ll have a wide range of stores including furniture, apparel, animations, houses etc
All participating stores will have one (or more) brand new, exclusive, never to be sold again item(s) placed in their stores. It’s not a discount event, items will be full price. It’s also not a charity event, all the money will go straight to the designers.
We need more events that are aimed purely at Second Life designers, the money they earn goes towards creating new and amazing items for us, paying land rent/ tier and for some even helps cover their real life bills. It’s time to say thank you to all the fabulous creators that make Second Life the way it is today, they don’t get thanked enough!
The event runs from May 14th until May 28th. All participating stores will be listed on the blog along with their slurls.
There’s an inworld group for shoppers and a seperate one for designers and bloggers!
For more info, rules and all other information please check the website!

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