Indian Influences

By Danielle Livadi - 4/26/2012 12:11:00 PM

Hello my dear readers! Have a good Thursday! My day isn't so good :( i have a strange pain to my right ear! So i have some news to show you as the new tanks by !REDEMPTION!. They are so nice, with the Ganesha symbol, in mesh and in three different colors: white, grey and black. Then, the shorts i dress are both a new creation of Fertility Roxan, owner of BeReckless. You can find them at store in several colors (beige, black, orange and white) and i thinks they are a must for this spring and the upcoming summer! They are in mesh. in different sizes and have the alpha layer. 75L each and only 200L for the fatpack! Finally, the new line of lipsticks by Flirt Cosmetics, so original! JailBait lipstick in twelve colors. These lipsticks will look different with each skin you wear, based on the lip shades. Kisses!!!

On Left:

Skin    .::WoW Skins::.  -  Lory  -  BDE Exclusive 79L (comes with shape, cl option, hb)
Shape     .::WoW Skins::.   -  Lory shape - BDE Exclusive
Eyes     Meghindo's  -  Pam - Blue
Hair     TRUTH  -  Jess  -  cocoa  - past gift
Tank     !REDEMPTION!  -  Ganesha tank  -  white  -  New
Shorts     *BeReckless*  -  Mesh Ladies shorts  -  black  - New
Lipstick     Flirt  -  JailBait  -  red  -  New
Jewellery and nails     Mandala  -  Takara  -  purple
Pose   N30  - Coy

On right:

Skin    [Atomic]  -  Grace  - Buff  - Electric - past TDR
Eyes    Bleh  -  Brown  - free (not sure available yet)
Hair     Alice Project  -  Lina 
Tank    !REDEMPTION!  -  Ganesha  tank - grey - New
Shorts    *BeReckless*  -  Mesh Ladies shorts  -  white  - New
Lipstick    Flirt  -  JailBait  -  black  - New
Jewellery and nails    Mandala  - Milky way and Takara
Pose   N30  -  Coy

Thanks to  Sheila Jassen (!REDEMPTION!), Fertility Roxan (*BeReckless*), Nina69a Flux (Flirt), Sawsan SecretSpy (.::WoW Skins::.).

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