Silver Lining Hunt

By Danielle Livadi - 11/24/2012 06:31:00 PM

The Silver Lining Hunt is the second hunt in a series based on a monochrome colour palette. This time round, the colour palette is grey/silver. 

The hunt runs from today to Dec 09th and features 25 gifts from a diverse range of stores: from fashion to decor, from accessories to poses, there's something for everyone. Each gift costs a minimal 5L$, to honour the work of the creator and to give to hunters a quality gift.
To have the complete list of stores and LM go to the Monochrome Hunts blog. Click here for LM to hunt start location.

Silver Lining Hunt' s Items

Dress      22769 [femme]    Anastasia dress
Furniture     estatica store    Picture Frame and Console Table Bertram 

Other items

Skin     already posted
Hair     Alice Project    Hyoyeon  @ Around The World
Pose   ::  Focus Poses  ::    Model 112

I will show you more hunt' s items in next posts. Good hunt!

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