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By Danielle Livadi - 11/12/2012 10:26:00 PM

As i blogged one month ago, on 15th November will start a great event: Around The World! This event wants to celebrate the different cultures that are in the world, showing the differences among them. An amazing experience for all shopper! The regions will be: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Asia Major, Asia Minor and Australia/ New Zealand. 

In this post i want to give you a little taste of the beautiful creations made by designers! 

Skin       FAKE     Lona Native  |  caramel  |  shaman | @ Around The World (preview)
Top      22769      Olabisi Top Triangles  |  Around The World (preview)
Skirt      22769    Chocolate Leather miniskirt  |  Around The World (preview)
Bracelet     (flaunt)     Chained Love set  |  Around The World (preview)
Poses    !bang poses    mini series strength  |  @ Around The World (preview)

                                                  TP to Around The World
Also on --->  The Ego Co.

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