Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hot N Spicy - Vista Animations AO


       To see the video in a large way go to

Animations Include: 

-24 Stands Motion Capture Breeze Effect
-9 Walks, 1 Slow Walk (set as crounch walk), 3 runs
-6 Sits and 6 Grounds with breeze effect. 1 Crounches
-3 Jumps, 1 Prejumps, 1 Landings, 1 Stand Up
-4 Hovers, 1 Flight/Slow/Up/Down/Fall
-5 Dances, 1 Hug, 1 Kiss, 1 Slap, Face Expressions (selectable timings)
-NEW!!! ‘Force Arms’ Made for handbags and backbags and new free arm option ideal for using with accessories such as handbags, swords, canes, etc.

TP to Vista Animations

Thanks so much to Vista Barnes and all Vista Team!

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