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Happy B-Day Censored!

A fantastic event started today: the event to celebrate Censored' s birthday! Censored is two years old and Cindy Oysternatz wants to celebrate this day in the best way. Lots of designers are involved in the fair and there are also lots of gifts at the land. So take tp!


Skin      La Petite Morte    Birgit  |  tone 1 M4  |  New
Hair      [e]       Whetever  |
Dress     MAAI     Daniela   |  red rose  |  New
Necklace       MiWardrobe      Lust Collar  |  gold  |  @ B - Day Censored Event
Earrings       MiWardrobe     Lust Earrings  |  gold  |  @ B-Day Censored Event
Clutch      [HANDverk]    Red Scale Clutch  |  subscribe gift   
Nails     Mandala       Milky Nails  |  Hawthorn red
Bracelets and rings       FZaPP      Safira  |  gold  |  New
Poses        label motion

Thanks so much to Voshie Paine (La Petite Morte), Snow Wolfhunter (MAAI), Fernandinha Zapedzki (FZaPP), Neftisis Rhiadra (MiWardrobe).


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