Fashion Voodoo: 4 days to go!

By Danielle Livadi - 8/06/2012 10:31:00 PM

In the past posts i told about Fashion Voodoo; it is a 3 week long Sales Venue being hosted by Depraved Nation & sponsored by the 13 amazing brands:  Gawk, DeeTalez, SAKIDE, Insanya, bubble, AMERICAN BAZAAR, RAW House, ISPACHI, AlterEgo, Deer, Razorblade Jacket, Belleza, KMADD. 

Negli scorsi post vi ho parlato della Fashion Voodoo; l' evento durerà tre settimane, dal 10 Agosto al 30 dello stesso mese, e sarà ospitato da Depraved Nation e sponsorizzato da tredici fantastici brands: Gawk, DeeTalez, SAKIDE, Insanya, bubble, American Baazar, Raw House, Ispachi, AlterEgo, Deer, Razorblade Jacket, Bellezza e KMADD.

Skin       [MC]        Tarnish    Voodoo  A  -  Cup natural lip blush smokey  -  @ Fashion Voodoo 

Shape       [MC]      Tarnish   -  bonus shape  -  @ Fashion Voodoo

Dress (hat included)        Adoness       Cordelia  -  black/white  -  @ Fashion Voodoo

Piercing       Superbia      Set 8   -  female version  -  @ Fashion Voodoo

Nails        Scrub      Multicolor Zipper nails   -   @ Fashion Voodoo

Shoes       DDWx      Mistress Please   -  @ Fashion Voodoo

other credits

Hair       TRUTH      Ebony


P.S.  I will post LM when Fashion Voodoo will start!

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