Vanity Fair

By Danielle Livadi - 7/28/2012 03:33:00 AM

Vanity Fair will start in a few hours finally! I' m glad to say that the items are all fantastic! There are a lot of pretty and beautiful creations in the fair by a lot of designers partecipating in the event. So i want begin with some of them...


                       Shape        Superbia         Haughty     @ Vanity Fair

Blouse        *.JULYs.*         Rockbilly   - mesh  -   @ Vanity Fair

Skirt        [SPASH]       Plaid black mini skirt    @ Vanity Fair

Bangles       Superbia       Illusions Bangles   -  orange  -  @ Vanity Fair

Nails        Adoness       Bloody black french nails   -  giftbox  @ Vanity Fair

Skin       ::Modish::       Lepota-Letto  -  sunkiss clev  -   @ Vanity Fair

Dress        ArisAris    rig75   Joyful Heart    @ Vanity Fair

Bag       Tentacio       Nina bag  -  sushi  -  @ Vanity Fair

Bangles       Superbia      Illusions Bangles  -  pink    @ Vanity Fair

Skin     ::Modish::      Lepota Starlight  -  tan    @ Vanity Fair

Dress and shoes      ArisAris       Joie de vivre    @ Vanity Fair

Necklace and ring      [SPLASH]       Stone Set mesh  -  black  -  @ Vanity Fair

I' m so excited! I will post more items in the future posts; don't lose this fair because all the creations are very beautiful!

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