Cherry Hunt by PurpleMoon

By Danielle Livadi - 1/30/2012 05:00:00 AM

PurpleMoon offers a new hunt to celebrate the Valentine Day. The hunt is on until 15th of  February, it consist to find 10 cherries; the hunt no required group membership. The cherries have been hidden at the first floor of the PurpleMoon Mainstore (8) and in the Boho House (2), across the garden. The cherries hanging of the ceiling are an indicator that there are cherries hidden in that room. The items are all beautiful!! I will show you some of them. Thanks Poulet Koenkamp and PurpleMoon Team!!

                     :: PM ::  Set 'O Sole Mio - Earring and necklace in cherry

                          :: PM ::  Set earring and necklace - Kenya in cherry


                                      :: PM :: Tara Ankle Boots in cherry

                    :: PM ::  Set Margo - Earring and necklace - Cherry/Gold

                                       :: PM :: Vain Sunglasses in cherry

Bye babesss!!

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