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Wednesday' s Child

News by Shabby Cat, KOSH and [VIRTUAL/INSANITY].

New eyeshadow by [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] called Liquid Glimmer. It comes in eigth different tones.

The credits list

Skin      .::Mother Goose's::.    Lene  |  limited free at lucky board
Hair      .ploom.     5 more minutes  |  200L @ Fair
Dress with socks      Shabby Cat      Wednesday' s Child  |  New
Eyes Make up      [VIRTUAL/INSANITY]     Make Me Up  |  Liquid Glimmer  |  New
Necklace      KOSH       Pavouk necklace  |  dollarbie for Halloween!
Necklace    .HollyWeird.   Orgasm Donor  |  unisex necklace  |  The Dirty Turkey Hunt 3.0 (1st Nov.)
Shoes       [Gos]    Platform Pumps  |  just black
Poses      label motion

Thanks so much to: Sophia Foulsbane (Shabby Cat), Loviathar Hellman ([VIRTUAL/INSANITY]), Lynaja Bade (KOSH), Jenika Jaxxon (.HW.).


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