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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Costume Ball

The Ego Co. is happy to present you The Costume Ball Event! An event tailored around the tasteful theme of dark with class, a goulish yet raised pinky finger as you sip Riesling from crystal stemware. Victorian rooftops and lace decked gowns; crows fleeing the footsteps of spectral hosts wishing to make the event so alluring that the guests never get a chance to leave. The event will open on 24th October. 

So i give you a little preview of some of the amazinf items that designers created for this event. First of all, the wonderfull hairstyle made by [HANDverk] inspired at the greek myth of Medusa. My hair are all snakes! Be aware i can transfix you! Especially with my monster eyes, a creation of #Ziau#. In the photos i' m wearing the silver one. 

Then, the dress, this beautiful gothic dress is one of the item by Happy Undead for the event. It' s in mesh and it is available in a lot of different sizes. The skin i'have on is a creation by Pink Fuel, it' s a choice of two different skins called Femme Fatale, in particular i' m wearing Siren skin in vanilla.

So stay tuned till 24th October!

The credits list

Skin       [PF]    Femme Fatale Skins  |  Alyx <vanilla> - Siren  |  @ The Costume Ball
Hair     [HANDverk]   Medusa   |  green/black eyes  |  @ The Costume Ball
Eyes      #Ziau#     Monster Eyes  |  silver  |  @ The Costume Ball
Dress      Happy Undead    Black Widow Dress  |  @ The Costume Ball
Poses      N30

Thanks designers! 

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