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Cold Winter Nights Hunt

The Cold Winter Nights Hunt started on 15th January. It was created by Lilly Juno, owner of Prism Furniture and the hunt's items you will get are of all kind: accessories, clothes, furniture, poses, decor and many others. Amazing brands are involved in this hunt! Here you can find the official blog of the hunt where you can find the list of stores and hints. The starting location is Prism Furniture.

Cold Winter Nights Hunt Items

[SAKIDE]  Out Of Time Outfit (also with tango appliers) CWNH #26
KaTink     Winter Wonderland Pack2  textures   CWNH #19
Tonic Shoes    CWN pumps   CWNH #39

I'm wearing also...

Skin with elf ears    la petite morte   Wixson fantasy 1| 100L @ Genre
Hair    Tameless    Charity   already blogged
Unicorn     la petite morte   Unicorn pose prop | with 5 poses | 100L @ Genre
Mehs Breast     Lolas     Tango

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